Tiger Woods Augusta National Practice


Tiger Woods Augusta National Practice – It appears as if Tiger Woods is officially gearing up for his return to the PGA tour at the Master’s. For weeks many have attempted to predict when Wood’s would return to the tour after admitting to a sex addition, and having nearly a dozen different mistresses step forward with claims that they had a relationship with the married golf star.

Today Woods practiced at Augusta national Golf Club, as was reported by a number of tabloids and media outlets.
While he chose not to answer any questions, he said plenty during his interview on Sunday with The Golf Channel and ESPN. Tiger has gone on to say that he does not know what to expect when he makes his return to golf, and has also said that he knows that he is not currently playing at the level that he could be for his return to the sport.

He also said that he is not sure what kind of reaction from the crowds he will get when he first steps back onto the course. Some have speculated that his return to the sport will mirror A-Rod’s return to Seattle, which was filled with hostility. Others have stated that they believe that the fans only would like to see him play golf and are not as interested in his personal life as the media outlets coverage of the situation would lead you to believe. If anything is sure about the return of Wood’s to the Master’s, it is that the sport will be happy to have him back. Nearly all of the ratings for the tournaments that have taken place since Tiger’s departure have shown vast dips in the amount of viewers in all demographics. It is unclear at this time if Wood’s will only be competing in the upcoming Master’s tournament or if he plans to continue playing at other tournaments in the near future.