Palm Phone Not Selling


Palm Phone Not Selling – Palm Inc. is a company that has been providing smart handheld devices for a period of time that stretches back to long before the devices were trendy or popular. The devices that were originally created for the device were not the technological blend of phones that we have come to know and love today. When the company first began, they were known for creating devices that would serve as contact lists and phone books. Today, the company is fighting for survival among some fierce competition. The company watched their stocks fall nearly 30% on Friday. This came after several Wall Street insider’s said that the company does not have a bright future ahead of them.

This came after the company announced that the sales for their most recent phones were not nearly as high as they had hoped or expected. Analysts have predicted that the coming quarter does not appear to bode any better for the failing company. It is not as if they are just under performing with their most recent phones. They are under performing across the board on nearly all of their products. Executives from Palm Inc. have said that they are disappointed with recent sales but have vowed to continue trying to resurrect the once innovative cutting edge handheld device provider.

Many of the recent failures have come after Google entered the handheld device market. In January, the market share of users using Google operating systems passed Palm for the first time, and recent estimates show that their percentage of market share continues to fall as Google’s continues to rise. While the future of the company may look grim, it is not completely hopeless. There are a number of options available to the company that will allow them to regain market share if they can be performed successfully.