Obama Wants Comprehensive Bill To Fix ‘Broken Immigration System This Year’


With the recent health care bill being passed by congress, President Barack Obama and other politicians have set their sights on the next hot button topic that has been sweeping the nation. That hot button topic is immigration. While immigration may have been a high priority in the past, it took a back seat when Obama was elected and shifted the focus toward the economy and health care. With both of those topics firmly out of the way, having passed a bill to help the country with both of them, he is setting his sights on the controversial topic of immigration.
He has pledged that with his focus finally off of the health care system, he will be able to give the “broken immigration system” the attention that it deserves. Recently, democrats blocked the funds to build an electric fence around the border that was supposed to deter illegal immigrants from entering the United States.
The fence was originally passed by the Bush Administration and has been met with harsh criticism from both parties. Many have said that they do not believe that the fence will be the be all end all, and that the country needs to look for another solution to the growing immigration problem.
He may have started with the health care bill, which does not allow illegal immigrants to collect federal health care. This was a piece of the controversial health care bill that many republicans insisted be included, before they would agree to vote in favor of the bill. Obama has not commented on what he plans on doing about the heightening immigration problem in the United States, but has said that he will be addressing it in the near future.