Racial And Homophobic Slurs From Health Care Tea Party Protesters?


Rracial And Homophobic Slurs From Health Care Tea Party Protesters? – Individuals who are members of the Congressional Black Caucus have made claims that ‘tea party’ protesters made racial comments, called them racially driven names, and spit on them when they walked past the group on their way into the Capitol. It is not clear which protesters were responsible, but activist groups that advocate the ‘tea party’ protests have recently spoke out after this information was released saying that they ‘do not condone’ the behavior that was exhibited, and that it ‘needs to stop.’ It is not clear at this time whether or not any of the groups had members present when the questionable acts were committed.

Barney Frank, a homosexual congressman who has been open about his sexuality since he first took office, also had several comments directed at him as he walked into the capital building. Frank has since called the comments that were made “abusive”, and has said that it would be to everyone’s benefit if we were to ignore those comments. Just inside the capital building when all of this occurred, President Obama was delivering a speech that was aimed at changing the minds of those who did not support his health care bill.
Since the news first broke about this comments being slung at members of congress, several prominent protesters have claimed that these acts should not represent the group as a whole, and highlighted several completely peaceful protests that have been held over the course of the last week. If individuals who protest are going to be making vile comments toward congressmen, they may choose to forcibly move the protest to an area where these comments can not be made. The congressmen that the comments were made toward have said that they do not bother them, and that they are “not nervous” about dealing with them in the future.