Kids Choice Awards 2010


Kids Choice Awards 2010 – The Kids’ Choice Awards is the largest award show that is targeted toward children. The show will award actors and signers in a number of different categories including favorite couple, favorite TV show, favorite TV actor, favorite movie, favorite cartoon and favorite book. You may have noticed that the show awards the kids ‘favorites’ in different categories and steers away from calling anything the “best”, or placing one actor or show above another. The Kids’ Choice Awards have been running for over a decade now, and have helped some of today’s youngest stars rise to fame and stardom early in their career. While the show may be hosted by rival Nickelodeon, the show still features a large cast of individuals who made their first appearance on “The Disney Channel” including the Jonas Brothers, the stars of iCarly, and Miley Cyrus.

The show will be hosted by Kevin James, who is most known for starring in the television series “The King of Queens.” Kevin James has also had some success starring in Hollywood movies as of late including “Hitch” and “Mallcop.” While James’ may not be a traditional choice to host a children’s television award show, he will undoubtedly be able to entertain the young audience. The Kid’s Choice Awards have received praise from various Hollywood Insiders in recent years for their ability to gather some of the worlds biggest stars in an effort to entertain the children.

Typically, every year there are a number of guest stars who were not announced to be performing that will join other entertainers on stage. It is unclear who the unnamed guest may be this year, but if previous years are any indication, it will be an A list celebrity. Nickelodeon has been known for keeping their guest star under wraps until showtime, and we can only expect that they will do the same this year.