Fire Nancy Pelosi GOP


Fire Nancy Pelosi GOP – With the recent passage of the landmark health care reform bill, it appears as if republican leaders have set their sights on another target, Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi was one of the most outspoken supporters of the health care bill. Just days before the bill passed, Pelosi had publicly declared that the bill would pass, implying that she knew that certain voters would be defecting from their claimed vote. Just hours before the vote took place, certain pieces of the bill were ramified to help please more conservative voters, and thus allowed the bill to be passed. Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, continued to be outspoken throughout the entire process, a move that has apparently earned her some enemies amongst the opposing party.

It appears as if the party as a whole is on board with their next target, as well. Starting this morning, if you try to access the website of the Republican National Committee, you will be taken to another website, The web site reads “Fire Pelosi, 40 Seats Means No Madam Speaker.” The entire site is set up to convince the user to donate funds to the republican party. On the site, there is also a progress bar showing the amount that has been donated since the site first went live. It is unclear at this point who is to blame for this redirection of web visitors, but it appears as if the entire party is alright with it.
The web site is also encouraging users to share the web site with their friends and family using various social networking sites. As of now, Nancy Pelosi has not commented on the issue and it is unclear if she has been informed of the redirect to the web site asking her to be fired.