Immigration Reform 2010?


Immigration Reform 2010? – It appears as if the new hot topic for the American government may be immigration when the dust settles from the outcome of the vote to pass the health care reform bill. The topic has long been shrouded in controversy, and several controversial plans have been hatched to keep illegal immigrants from coming into the United States and taking jobs and money away from Americans. While some argue that they take the jobs that no one wants to do, others have said that during trying times those jobs should belong to the individuals who actually need them. The debate has raged on for quite some time, stretching back to the very beginning of the Bush Administration.

Things came to a head last week when the democratic party decided to pull the plug on an electric fence that was supposed to be placed along the border, costing the United States millions of dollars. While this plan was about as popular as the original Bush plan to place a fence along the entirety of the border, it is not clear if the Obama Administration currently has another plan in motion to ensure that illegal immigrants do not cross the Mexican American border into the United States.

Lawmakers seem poised to tackle this issue after the health care situation has been decided on. Depending on the outcome of the health care legislation, officials could start discussing immigration as early as next week. The vast majority of Americans, according to polls, feel that immigration is a huge hot button issue, but are for the most part, unsure about how they should tackle the issue. A vast majority of American’s are against the idea of placing a fence along the border to help ensure no one crosses the border without going through the proper channels.