Iceland Volcano Eruption:Eyjafjallajökull News


Iceland Volcano Eruption:Eyjafjallajökull News – Iceland experienced a volcanic eruption on Sunday. The eruption took place beneath a glacier that exists in the southern half of Iceland. Surrounding cities were evacuated, and a state of emergency was declared in all of the neighboring areas. The eruption was relatively small, but it did force the evacuation of several hundred people whose lives and homes could have been potentially threatened had the eruption been larger in size. The eruption took place aside the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier, which is located in southern Iceland. Eyjafjallajokull is the fifth largest glacier in the country and has been a cause for concern for many seismologists in recent months.

There are a number of concerns that were raised with the eruption. Because of the volcano’s proximity to the glacier, many people have speculated that there could be the possibility of flooding when parts of the glacier melt. The real worry here is that a small spout may form under the glacier, leaking liquids hot enough to melt entire sides of the glacier. It is unclear at this point if the glacier has experienced any melting since the eruption, and those evacuated have been warned to remain clear of their homes until the situation at hand can be better understood.

The volcano last erupted in the 820s. That eruption lasted nearly a week. Authorities have kept a watchful eye on the situation, so they can be completely prepared if the situation worsens or if another eruption happens. Over 450 individuals were evacuated when the first eruptions took place, and authorities in Iceland have stated that this was simply a precautionary measure, and that the individuals who were evacuated were in no immediate danger. The state of emergency was declared around the one hundred square mile glacier, and only affects those who lived in areas where glacial flooding could potentially be a problem.