Health Care Reform Bill Vote


Health Care Reform Bill Vote – As the vote for health care reform draws neither, the democratic party is scrambling to ensure that they have the necessary votes to pass the bill. The magic number stands at 216 currently, and over 200 would be voters have confirmed that they will indeed be voting to pass the bill and bring it to legislation. Last week in his interview with FOX News, President Obama said that he expects the health care bill to pass. The week before that, Nancy Pelosi guaranteed that the bill would pass and said that the republican party did not have the numbers to keep the bill from passing. At this point, it is not clear whether or not the bill will pass as some recent flip flopping in voting obligations has lead both parties to scramble to ensure that no one else will be jumping ship.

Several others have declared that they would be voting for the bill in the upcoming vote to pass the health reform legislation that the democratic party has been pushing for several months. It is not clear at this point whether or not the bill will have the legs to make it through the vote and reach the magic number, and both sides are campaigning for their respective ideas as if it were a presidential election. Some democrats have accused Barack Obama of not being able to rally the people in support for the bill and said that his early lack of focus on campaigning for the bill have hurt its chances to be passed in the upcoming vote.

Some of those members who have decided to vote against the bill have declared that they are doing so because of minor problems that they have found with the bill. Some of these problems include the fact that many doctors will not be willing to work for the wages the federal government will provide under the proposed plan.