Google TV


Google TV – It has been reported that Google will partner with Intel and Sony to bring the Internet onto the televisions screens of Americans in the near future. While services such as WebTV, and Microsoft’s current MSNTV have been around for a number of years, this recent announcement has many tech fans drooling at the thought of a Google developed operating system for the television. Google has been slowly expanding in recent years, releasing mobile devices and announcing that they are planning on installing broadband networks in several cities across America. The possibilities seem to be endless for the worlds most innovative web company. Through decisions like these they have been able to remain one of the premiere companies in Internet entertainment, and seem poised to take market share in several different markets of the coming months and years.

Of course in order to move into the realm of television, they would have to create a platform that is easy to navigate and use. This has been the problem that many web television style companies have had a problem with in recent years. It is unclear what kind of device would be used to deliver this content, but many experts feel that perhaps this content would be delivered through a box that is very similar to the boxes that are used by many cable companies now.

Google venturing into the realm of television should have several different companies on edge. Google has proven to be a fierce competitor in any market, as they have the largest platform on the Internet in which to advertise their new services. They have been able to adapt and expand like no company in the history of the country before. In only a little more than a decade they have been able to position themselves in high places in several of the world’s most coveted markets.