Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Retiring


Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Retiring – John Paul Stevens, who is known as the longest currently serving Supreme Court justice recently spoke about the possibility of his own retirement. This is the first time that Stevens has spoke about retiring publicly, and he was quite candid in his interview with The New Yorker. During his interview he said that he has been considering retirement from quite awhile and that he has decided to retire within “the next three years.”
Stevens will turn ninety years old a month from now, and has only hired one law clerk for next year. The usual amount of law clerks that are commonly hired is four. This has led many to believe that he has been planning his retirement for quite some time. Stevens is known as a very traditional liberal, and has said that he expects that President Obama will be able to appoint an appropriate successor when he finally does step down from his position as the longest serving Supreme Court Justice.

There are numerous names that have been thrown around as a successor to Stevens. The most prominent of these speculative names is Elena Kagan, who is currently working as the solicitor general. In the past Kagan has also worked as the Dean Of Harvard Law School. She has a great reputation around Washington, and is more than qualified for the position. While Kagan’s name has been brought up on several different occasions, it is important to remember that Stevens has provided no time frame for his exit and the fact that he only hired one law clerk instead of the usual four could only mean that he hasn’t decided which of his clerks from the previous year he would like to bring back.