Sarah Palin Reality Show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” On A&E Or Discovery?


Sarah Palin Reality Show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” On A&E Or Discovery? – Reportedly several television networks have been interested in producing a reality show about the former Vice President hopeful, Sarah Palin. It is unclear how many television networks have expressed interest in the potential show, but A&E and Discover Channel have been confirmed. The show would reportedly feature Sarah Palin giving guided tours of various attractions in Alaska. Palin made news in recent months after accepting a job as an analyst with Fox News. It is unclear at this point if Palin is planning on running for the republican presidential ticket in the upcoming presidential election, but many insiders have claimed that she is in fact interested in the position.

A&E and Discovery would make excellent fits for the new reality show, as both channels have a diverse array of different reality shows already with the network. Palin first rose to the spotlight after John McCain chose her as his running mate in the last presidential election. At the time, she was little known, but quickly became one of the focuses of the election season after she was involved in several controversial stories, including one that claimed that Palin had overspend donation funds on a shopping spree for campaigning clothes.

The reported offer that is on the table as of now stands at nearly 1.5 million per episode. It is unclear who is in the running for the reality series, but with so much interest in Palin and her potential reality show, insiders have said that the show will more than likely be ready to go next television season.
Palin has yet to comment publicly about the possibility of her starring in her own reality show. Many have speculated that her becoming so involved recently in other ventures signals that Palin may be reconsidering her bid for president in the upcoming presidential election. However, others have also speculated that Palin may be gearing up for the run and is looking for several different mediums to help her campaign when the time comes.