Thimerosal Did Not Cause Autism


Thimerosal Did Not Cause Autism – The anti vaccine movement is something that has really grown in the last decade. After a number of studies were published that linked vaccines to higher rates of Autism and other disorders in young children, many people began to boycott the vaccines, only injecting their child with vaccines that were proven to be safe and necessary. In a case that had pitted individuals who felt that the mercury contained in many vaccines had caused the Autism in their children against the government in hopes of receiving funds from the federal vaccine injury fund. This fund exists because each and every vaccine that is taken is taxed up to a dollar. Normally these funds are used to pay the families of victims who suffer an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

However, three separate judges ruled today that the preservative called thimerosal, which is supposedly the preservative that contains the mercury, was not the cause of the autism in these individuals. With a stern look on his face, the judge who made the King ruling told the family that it was “highly unlikely” that the vaccines had anything to do with their sons autism and that they had no proof to back up their findings.

Individuals who argue for vaccine usage celebrated today. This was seen as a victory, while those who were against vaccine usage dismissed the ruling as another failure by the system to address what they perceive to be a very large issue that has gone unnoticed for quite some time now. One thing is certain here, and that is that using vaccines on infants is a touchy subject for many different people, whether they believe one way or another. However, without more conclusive evidence one way or the other these cases will likely persist through the justice system.