Nancy Pelosi On Heath Care Bill


Nancy Pelosi On Heath Care Bill – Nancy Pelosi has stated the heath care bill that Barack Obama has been pushing so hard to pass, will pass this week. It is undetermined if there is any basis behind her making this statement, or if she is just trying to raise confidence amongst the representatives to push this bill along. Many republicans have publicly stated the exact opposite. Many of them went as far as to say that the democrats are nowhere near the number of votes that they will need in order to pass the bill. Nancy Pelosi also declined to comment on whether or not she had officially secured any votes, or even when the official voting would take place. She did however say that lawmakers in the United States were on the verge of “making history.”
The current bill would provide health care for millions of Americans who do not currently have health care. However, there have been several criticisms of the bill that have come to pass in recent weeks. Perhaps the largest part of the bill is that it would keep insurance companies from providing coverage to individuals who have pre-existing conditions. This has been a serious problem in the United States for a number of years, and recently received a lot of attention after famed documentary filmmaker Michael Moore released a movie detailing the failures of the American health care system.
After months of deliberation Barack Obama said just weeks ago that there had been enough debate on the subject and that it was time for lawmakers to come to a decision on the health care bill that was currently up for consideration. It is expected that the bill will be voted on sometime in the near future, and the bill would require nearly 216 votes to make it past the house.