Carlos Slim Helu Richest Man In The World


Carlos Slim Helu Richest Man In The World – Anyone who believed that rich people are getting richer will be glad to know that we have a new billionaire who has beaten Bill Gates by $0.5 billion to the top position. Beating Mr Gates is no mean feat considering the fact that he occupied the ‘numero uno’ position in Forbes ‘richest man in the world’ list for last three years running. Officially, now, Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican tycoon, is world’s wealthiest man alive. He is above Bill gates and Warren Buffet.
Mr Slim’s wealth has increased by $18.5 billion in the past year aggregating to $53.5 billion. Main rise in his fortune came through the 35% growth of America Movil’s shares in which Mr Slim has a stake of $23 billion.
A simple man, Carlos Slim Helu has never used a computer in his life and still wears a simple plastic watch to work. He has simple tastes and likes to eat home cooked meals in his modestly furnished family home.
Mr Slim’s business empire consists of more than 200 privately held companies in various sectors, such as, banking, telecoms, road-building and restaurants. He has an empowering corporate influence in his home country Mexico. His business is ever so vastly expanding to North America and Europe.Starting at the young age of 14 by trading family estate during the Mexican revolution, this humble billionaire still idolizes his father, Julian, a Lebanese immigrant.
A quote from Mr Slim, encapsulates his vision beautifully, “Wealth is like an orchard. You have to share the fruit, not the trees.”