Kari Byron MythBusters On Pregnancy


Is Kari Byron pregnant? The answer to this question is yes.Kari Elizabeth Byron is mostly known for her role on the Discovery Channel show MythBusters.Byron was featured in popular men’s magazine FHM,wearing a red bra and lab coat.Kari 34, is married to Paul Urich.The couple announced her pregnancy on February 25, 2009.Kari Byron was recently interviewed by Pregnancy 360,where she busted few myths.Here is what she had to say about the father of her baby:

My husband is…so ready for this baby! He’s been doing more nesting than I have. I came home the other day and he had already bought the crib, a stroller, some swaddling blankets, a little baby hat, a vibrating seat…I’m like, “Wait a minute, I’m supposed to be doing all that!”

All is good with Kari,she concluded the chat saying:

It just blows my mind that…I’m on the verge of such a life-­changing event. But I must say, I’m blissed-out happy!

Kari Byron is hot and intelligent,here waiting for her to comeback and bust more myths.