Maharani Art Exporters -Making India proud at the global textile stage


Maharani Art Exporters, so far a hidden textile house in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is gaining stature and popularity across domestic and international handicraft and silk lovers for its intricate design and finest quality materials. The textile store has shot to fame due to the high footfall of tourists and textile lovers and is currently making a buzz across the globe. 

Maharani textiles

It is a textile house located near the clock tower on Cycle Market Road in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The state of Rajasthan itself is known for its rich culture and tradition of handlooms. Textile lovers and tourists flock here every year to buy and experience some of the world’s finest textile and clothing works. 

It is one such torchbearer of Rajasthan’s glorious textile tradition and is currently managed by Mukesh Jain who himself is an ardent textile lover and has a keen understanding of various clothing designs and styles. 

Speaking about the increasing popularity of Maharani Art Exporters,  Mukesh was humble enough to not get flattered by the compliments but at the same time was gracious enough to take pride in the work he does. He says that he is here to serve and select the best fabric and handwork for his customers and clients and also admits that his store is better at being the little known gem in world fashion. 

It is is home to a plethora of fabric including the patchwork quilts of the region and the delicate cottons and mulmuls. The highlight of this textile house though is its impressive collection of pashmina shawls. Apart from these materials, Mukesh Jain and his team is known for catering to the evolving demands of local and international customers and he takes pride in delivering the perfect product demanded by the customer. 

A legend among the customers who visit Maharani says that Mukesh and his team can present more than 20 plus shawl designs to customers to choose from without feeling frustrated or getting irked. Mukesh, however, brushes aside these stories and states that the customer will come back only when it gets the best material. And hence it is his duty to present all the options he has. He also points out that this practice infact benefits him more as it allows him to showcase the vast variety of shawls his store has. And maybe this attitude is the reason why the textile house has a global clientele that includes the big players such as Kenzo, Armani and Paul Smith. 

The offerings isn’t just limited to textiles. The showroom also houses Wooden and Iron Lamps, Lamps Shades, Candle Stand, Iron Industrial Lamps, Heavy Single Log Lamps, Reclaimed Lamps, Spare Part Lamps, Wooden Modern Furniture, Iron Furniture, Industrial Furniture, Reclaimed Furniture, Leather Canvas Bags and Cushion and Handicraft Gift Items.

All these products come with excellent designing and craftsmanship and can be delivered in various shapes, sizes and designs required by the customers. A key feature of all the products and materials offered at Jain Textiles is the focus on quality. The makers go the extra mile to ensure the quality of the material is kept intact at all costs. And that’s why the wood used in their items is produced from Government managed plantation.

Thus a rich tradition of craftsmanship and relentless efforts to bring out the best has enabled Maharani to offer some of the finest textiles and furniture materials to local and international customers and that too by staying under the radar and quietly delivering perfection.